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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  April 12, 2013 7:25pm-7:55pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh [cheers and applause] >> stephen: that's it f [cheers and applause]
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from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: hey, everybody, welcome to "the daily show." my name is jon stewart. guest tonight, edie falco. she's the star of "nurse jackie", great show. but first, the 2012 presidential campaign will most likely be best remembered for the battle the republicans and democrats waged for the african-american vote. >> in 2012 president obama won 93% of the black vote. >> jon: oh, they were so close. [ laughter ] all that is about to change as the republican party starts minority voter outreach program. yesterday kentucky senator rand paul fell asleep on the washington metro's green line and ended up at historically black howard university where he decided to speak.
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>> some people have asked me are you nervous about speaking at howard. some have said i'm either brave or crazy to be here today. [ laughter ] >> jon: but that's what heros do. [ laughter ] they don't think about the odds when they plunge headfirst into a symposium with high achieving students at a prestigious university. [ laughter ] but go ahead you had them at "you're crazy." >> how about the party that first elected the black senator, the party that elected the first african-american congressmen, how did that party become a party that now loses 95% of the black vote. >> jon: i'll take that one. because for the last 50 years they've embraces the southern strategy which stated that quote from now on the republicans are never going to get more than 20% of the negro vote and they don't need anymore than that. they would be short sighted if they weakened the voting rights
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act because the sooner the negro-phone whites will switch to the republicans. that's why the votes are. all the way up to the present day where the party had a serious presidential contender that lived on a ranch that had once been called. >> nigger head. >> jon: right, that. so all that will tend to alienate a voting block. [ laughter ] -1-why do you think they've been voting for democrats? >> the republican party hasn't talked enough about the great history and interaction between the republican party and black history and voting rights in our country. the story of emancipation, of voting rights and citizenship to the modern era is the history of republican partism we see horrible racism that happened in
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the 30s, 40s, 50s, it was all democrats. it wasn't republicans. >> jon: right but for the most part those bigoted democrats in the 30s, 40s and 50s became republicans post the modern civil rights every are because of it. you can't just yada yada yada the last 60 years. a republican freed the slaves. gays, black people the vote. yada yada and now i'll vote democratic. what the hell. the problem with this theory that all that stands between the republicans ant plurality of the black shift a history lesson is well, enjoy. >> how many of you -- if i would have said who do you think the found yours of naacp would everybody know the founders were republicans. >> yes. >> you know more than i know. >> and i don't mean that to be insulting i don't know what you know and i'm trying to find out
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what the connection is. >> jon: calm down, everybody. just calm down. red team start the car. turns out i'm neither crazy nor brave. the gray hair needs to be plucked. remove the vanilla bean from the hot chocolate. howard university doesn't just educate black people. we're joined by senior black correspondent larry wilmore. larry -- >> jon. >> jon: senator run and paul, who i like very much. he said his friends are calling him brave or crazy for speaking at howard. what are your thoughts? >> i don't know about brave. it's howard university not the apollo. [laughter] although i did think it was a nice gesture for him to get a jerry curl before coming over. >> jon: that's not a jerry curl that's what his hair looks like. >> seriously?
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[laughter] >> jon: yeah. >> and he goes up on stage? then he is brave. >> jon: what do you think about his -- let's call it time share presentation for the republican party. >> right. well, it's tempting, expwron. let me -- tempting, jon. let's be honest black people have been with the democratic party for 50 years now. we're looking for a little strange. [ laughter ] >> jon: the republicans are not really strange. you tapped that before. >> we tapped it for 100 years. [ laughter ] that's the problem. i know all their moves. we were in love once? yes. people change so do parties. >> jon: it sounds like the republicans would like to rekindle the relationship by reminding you of the good times you shared. >> right, yeah. you know what happens when you get back with someone. it's fun for a while until you remember this is exactly how you
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felt before you caught them in bed with the dixie crats. >> jon: the republicans left black and now they want to come back. >> i like that you twisted it around. all right. yeah, but you know they are pretending they didn't do anything. you can't disappear for 40 and 50 years and suddenly sash yeah back to roscoe's chicken and waffles and say, hey, baby party in lincoln's bed. that's so old brothers don't even drive lincolns. >> jon: did you compare that to roscoe's chicken and waffles. >> it's an historically black meal. >> jon: true. >> how can we trust that you've changed if you are pretending it was always all good. >> jon: i don't think they are pretending. i think they believe it.
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>> but jon this is say republican commissioner in kansas talking about fixing a roof last week, okay. >> the mistake that county commissioner jim guile made using a racial slur in a previous county commission meeting. he was talking repairg a roof when he said. >> i guarantee it would be the same if you let a (bleep). >> what did you say? >> african-american, isn't it? >> no, he said nigger rigging. they want us back? >> jon: is that better or worse than regular rigging? i've not heard that. >> i'm going to guess it's worse. republicans need to admit we're not dealing with accidental racism. if the past 50 years were the brad paisley, ll cool j let by gones be by gones we've we'd
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have done with for the tax
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back. oh, doctor! now louisville's big win over michigan monday night ending a thrilling ncaa tournament which saw even savvy bracket prognosticators completely screwed by production assistant jay franklin who, think we can all admit got completely (bleep) lucky. i mean, note to self: fire jay franklin. despite the ncaa's good works there are those who would try to tear them down. assif mandvi has more. >> college athletes they are princes of their schools and enjoy everything from the love of enthusiastic coaches from all the attention they get when they
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twist their poor little ankle out of their skin. but there's some students like this university of minnesota wrestler who would spit in the face of ncaa and defy their perfectly fair rules. >> my eligibility got taken away. it got swiped. i couldn't compete for the university of minnesota. >> why did they strip you of eligibility. >> i had a phone and my name was on it. >> why did you think you could use your own name. >> it's my message and it's me. >> it's not your name. it belongs to the ncaa. >> the ncaa rules say athletes can't profit by using their own name in a song that they wrote that has nothing to do with sports. don't forget the ncaa is giving them the gift of education. >> i have 10% scholarship. that doesn't cover a lot and on top of that a cover my living expenses. >> and you are making a butt
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load of money on the song. >> the song hasn't made me rich. i haven't even broken even. the ncaa owns the name joel bauman. >> you are rapping under the name joel bauman, that's the accountant of the record label. the ncaa wants to distance themselves from his gangsta rap style. >> put your ones up if you want your dreams right now. >> but you are a good wrestler though right? >> i like to assume so. >> good, good, good. i mean you are going to keep wrestling, right? >> good, good. >> yes this type of profiting would sully the ncaa's image as
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stewards of athletics the mission is to exroa tect college sports from the influences of commercialism and uphold the ideal of the student athlete who simply plays for the love of sport. but exucla basketball player ed o'banon think he he is entitledo more. >> i think college athletes should be compensated. >> what for? >> because there is an unbelievable amount of money, billions of dollars being made off the backs of these athletes and everyone seems to be compensated except for the ones doing the work. >> oh, really billions of dollars. our research shows that the ncaa's total revenue is only $6 billion so it's not that many billions. and those one shining moment montages don't pay for themselves. we can't show you any of those because the ncaa won't license
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it to us. instead we bring you this. ♪ it's one shining moment it's all on the line ♪ ♪ it's frozen in -- okay you get the idea. somehow o'banon is still ungrateful and suing him for using his likeness in their one minor little video game. no, not that one. no the other platform. not the wii, not the xbox. yes, this one, that one. i'm a video game. last air bender. i'm in it. nobody has played it. >> did you get paid. >> yeah i got paid (bleep) i'm not a schum schmuck. >> i stand by my lawsuit. i stand by it. >> i couldn't believe they were slamming this open institution so i went to the ncaa to let them respond. i want to sit down with you to give you a chance to clear your good name.
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first question: why am i talking to a telephone? >> the ncaa is not granting any oncamera interviews at this time. >> what are you philip morris? i have spoken to a guy who makes asbestos. you are the ncaa. >> our mission is to be an integral part of higher education and to focus on the -- >> is this even the ncaa i'm talking to? >> no this is your intern eric. i'm just reading a statement they gave us. >> when all is said and done, the athletes know that the ncaa will take good care of them. >> i actually just came back. i was out for three months with a concussion. >> but the school will cover the expenses should this lead to any expenses after you graduate, right? >> no, because i won't be an athlete for them anymore. >> are you (bleep) kidding me. okay, i think i understand why
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they don't want to talk us to. >> yeah, they are kind of douchebags.
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captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh [cheers and applause] >> jon: my guest tonight emmy award winning actor currently starring off broadway in the madrid. "nurse jackie" is returning for the fiffen season on sunday. >> we're going to finish
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conversation. >> and what is this conversation about? >> dr. roman has had every bump in the road smoothed over because she's -- >> hot. >> expecting it. next time she's not covering something say something. >> i did. >> and back it up. >> nice of him to remember. >> jon: please welcome back to the show edie falco. [cheers and applause] edie falco is here. i love edie falco. nice to see you again. >> nice to see you. >> jon: before we go, taking it back people are not accustomed to seeing you in a more chestnut -- this is for the off broadway. >> for the madrid, yeah, the
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play i'm doing. >> jon: how much longer are you doing that? >> through may 5. >> jon: if you've never seen edie falco live on stage you have a problem. [ laughter ] nurse jackie when we left off you were not on drugs anymore? >> let me see: no. ah, no. >> jon: have you seen the program? >> i have not seen the program. i can't afford showtime. >> jon: those cable packages will kill you. [laughter] which makes me wonder is this new season just a well adjusted nurse who is really good at her job? because the complexity of this person who is so good at what they do yet has such a difficult time in their life that tension is compelling, if i may. >> thank you, first of all. second of all, i think a complex person who uses drugs is still a
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complex person when they don't use drugs. >> jon: you are saying there's a wake even when not using drugs. >> things regular people take for granted are difficult because she has to do it in a way in which she's present. >> jon: can i tell you something? >> please do. >> jon: you just drew me in. >> one viewer! >> jon: stop it. i want to ask you about this because for so many actors, the idea of having a defining role for their career is one of the most fortunate things that can happen to an actor. it's very unusual to have somebody have a defining rule like you had in the sopranos and to move almost seemlessly into another really defining role in this show as well. was that -- is that a difficult transition to make. is there a reason why so many actors have difficulty making that transition? is it something you thought
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about consciously to try and do. >> i thought about very little consciously. [ laughter ] let's start there i'm afraid to talk about it. >> jon: i get that. >> it's the tremendous good fortune of i have of being able to have had a career like this and live in new york. when i get out of here, i'm going to get arrested, that kind of feeling. all i had to go by was something i hoped would interest me beyond sopranos. sopranos office is fulfilling on so many levels i knew trying to find something that would keep me excited would be challenge enough. when i read the first script of nurse jackie i said let's see where this goes. >> jon: how long was the decompression process for you after sopranos before you could see a script again? how long did you give yourself? >> three hours. >> jon: the insecurity of the acting life. >> you don't know.
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at the wrap party i was reading new stuff. i read a lot of stuff right away because i like to work. i didn't like anything for so long i thought maybe i'm done. maybe i am going to do something else now. and i think it's just there weren't a lot of good things until i read this. this was called "nurse mona" at the time. >> jon: who would watch that? >> first thing we did change the name. and it was much darker. i thought it was a place, a character that i would like to explore. >> jon: getting back to the theater that feeds another -- >> i'm lucky i get to do all of these things. i started doing theater on long island and it was the first thing that excited me. it's very, very hard work. >> jon: yes. >> and it reminds me that this is hard work and i'm lucky to have a career in this business. >> jon: do the pals from the
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island come in when you are on broadway. it's in your hometown. they say when athletes when they go back to the town they grew up in everybody comes it's a lot of pressure, do you have that? >> well, i leave the theater so quickly afterwards i have no idea who is at the play. >> jon: never gave me your e-mail address. falco i'll be there -- >> you are a bit of a sitting duck. all kinds of people. there's people i don't recognize or remember which is another story. anybody can come see the play. >> jon: it's tremendous. your tremendous. we love watching you work. >> thank you. >> jon: showtime thing season five sunday night. >> sunday night. >> jon: the madrid runs five weeks. >> i get a nap and i'll read
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scripts around may 10. >> jon: sounds perfect. the madrid, new season of nurse jackie sunday. get showtime it's reall
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